Clinic ni Kuya (Big Brother’s Clinic)

The UNTV building is not a hospital. But with the Clinic ni Kuya (Big Brother’s Clinic), it might very well be. On weekdays, what welcomes the network’s visitors are the long lines of patients, waiting for their turn to get a medical checkup, complete with medicine, for free. This is all, of course, thanks to God who made it all possible and to the people He uses like Kuya Daniel Razon and UNTV. And since it is genuine public service at its best, KFI is in full support of it.

Clinic ni Kuya System Flow

  • Triage
    1. Issuance of forms (Patient record; Pharmacy slip; waiver)
    2. Numbered according to service: Pedia, Adult, Dental
    3. Assess priority need to be attended.
  • Registration
    1. Receives filled up forms
    2. Detach, collect waiver (for encoding)
    3. Return patient record and pharmacy slip to patient
  • Waiting Area
    1. Patient station while waiting to be called.
    2. Patient filled-up forms while waiting.
  • Vital Signs
    1. Include weight for pediatric patients
  • Waiting Area
    1. Coordinates/ usher patients on way to consultation area
    2. Determines/Confirms service appropriate to patient condition
    3. Facilitates constitution
  • Consultation Area
    1. Assigned team Assists MDs’
    2. Anticipate needs of patient and MDs’
    3. Ensures veracity of patient record
    4. Facilitates patient flow within the area
    5. Assists patient on way to pharmacy with patient record and pharmacy slip
  • Pharmacy
    1. Receive doctor’s prescription. Numbered. First come first served.
    2. Patients wait for their turn
    3. Pharmacy dispense medicine, collects accomplished patient record and pharmacy slip.


    1. Medical Consultation
      • Daily consultation with Internal Medical Doctors and/or General Practitioners
    2. Surgical Consultation
      • Surgeons are available every Thursday for evaluation and acute management of minor procedure such as removal of sebaceous cyst/aspiration/drainage.
      • Referral for procedure needing hospital set-up is being implemented.
    3. Pediatrics
      • Consultation with pediatrician every Tuesday and Friday.
    4. Ophthalmology
      • Specialist caters services for patient with eye conditions/problems. Patients are being assisted to facilitate the availment of cataract extraction for free.
    5. Optometry
      • Eye refraction and free reading glass are being provided
      • Administration of Vitamin A for free as necessary.
    6. Dermatology
      • Dermatological cases every Tuesday
    7. OB-Gynecology
      • OB-Gynecologist conduct consultation, pre-natal, pap smear and vaginal douche
      • Referral system as necessary
    8. Dental Services
      • Daily schedule of Dental Services except Tuesday
      • Extraction, Filling, UTX, IRR, hot and cold packs, paraffin, etc.
    9. Physical Therapy
      • Caters PT modalities every Friday (TENS, FES, free weights, clinical restorator, traction, UTX, IRR, hot and cold packs, paraffin, etc.
    1. Statement of the PolicyThis policy on Standards for Patient Care is being issued to ensure tent effective and efficient care to all patients
    2. Policy Guidelines
      1. Patient Welfare
        • Observation / assessment and intervention as necessary
        • Vital Signs Taken and recorded.
        • Consultation bed sheet changed daily maintained clean and tidy
        • Food and drink provided per each patient.
        • Make patient feel that he is respectful person.
        • Provide privacy and observe patient’s bill of rights.
      2. Safety of Patient and Environment
        • Measure to protect patient form accident or hazards to life
          1. Safety of Patient
            • Accompany / assist patient if necessary.
            • Identification of patient with number and form.
            • During transportation (ambulance), proper function of equipment is assured.
          2. Provision for Safe Environment
            • Mechanically safe
            • Properly lighted
            • Clean and free from clutter
            • Equipment Regulation:
        • Monthly maintenance check-up
        • Observe proper use of electrical equipment
        • Supplies and medicine readily available
        • Maintain clean and non-slippery floor
        • Maintain a comfortable temperature and ventilation.
    1. Statement of PolicyThis SOP of outpatient consultation set-up is being issued to ensure that appropriate and effective care will be provided to the patient
    2. Policy Guidelines
      1. All patients both adult and pediatric seeking consult for medical / surgical / dental / rehabilitation therapy shall be evaluated at the triage area, and shall have a number.
      2. Number system shall be implemented.
      3. Registration shall be mode at registration area after number has been issued at the triage area.
      4. Vital Signs shall then be taken and documented with the patient’s chief complaint/s
      5. Consultation of the patient to the specific area shall be based on the #2 and #3 stated guidelines.
      6. Patient condition and needs shall be evaluated by the physician whether, diagnostic, transfer or referral is necessary.
    1. Statement of the PolicyThis policy is being issued to guide CNK staff in implementing the appropriate process to ensure quality of patient care management outside CNK.
    2. Policy Guidelines
      1. To: Consultants (Gastro-oncologists, Pulmonary, Cardiologist, Neurologist, etc.)
        1. An order to referral to any consultant or physician / hospital written in the official CNK referral Sheet
        2. The referral form shall be in duplicate copy.
        3. Assistance to patient transport shall be provided as deemed necessary on the day/time of the consultation.
      2. To: Hospital for Diagnostic Purpose
        1. Diagnostic procedure/s not available at CNK may be requested by the physician and patient is referred to other hospital / institution where the procedure examination available.
      3. To: Hospitals for Surgical Procedure / Emergency Cases
        1. Referral form shall be filled up by the attending physician for emergency cases.
        2. Assistance for conduction / transport thru ambulance shall emergency cases.
        3. Coordination by Social Service Staff.
    1. Statement of the PolicyThis is issued to ensue than an appropriate referral to Social Service is implemented for prompt and immediate action.
    2. Policy Guidelines
      1. Referral to Social Service for assistance shall be based on patient classification and need.
      2. Patient need for assistance concerning medical needs shall be evaluated by the physician and referred to authorized CNK coordinator.
      3. Patient shall be referred to CNK Social Service for qualification and requirements
      4. Approval to KFI and / or referral to other Social Service Organization / DSWD shall be based on CNK Social Worker evaluation.
      5. Facilitation of referral shall be observed.
    1. Statement of the PolicyThis is being issued to implement efficiently the requisition to patient needs
    2. Policy Guidelines
      1. All diagnostics shall be accompanied with request from CNK physician.
      2. The nurse assigned shall take the ECG and properly label the tracing.
      3. Initial impression shall be done by the requesting physician.
      4. Official reading shall be interpreted by Cardiologist / Internist.
      5. Patients shall be advised on scheduled follow-up date.
      6. Request for laboratory examination shall be ensured.
      7. Stool / urine specimen after collection must be sent immediately.
      8. It must be ensured that the laboratory examination / procedure are done based on the laboratory department protocol.
      9. It shall be ensured that the request form are properly acknowledged and signed in the logbook by the lab clerk
      10. CBC, urinalysis and blood typing results shall be released on the same day of extraction
      11. Blood Chemistry extractions are done daily. Releases of result are scheduled twice a week.
      12. Patient shall be advised for schedule to claim results.
      13. X-ray shall be accompanied with request from AMD.
      14. Official reading shall be done to same day the X-ray is taken.
      15. Patient shall be advised by the result and appropriate interventions provided.
    1. Statement of the PolicyThis is being issued to ensure that appropriate interventions provided.
    2. Policy Guidelines
      1. All medicines and supplies are given for free.
      2. Release of medicines shall be dependent on the prescription of CNK physician.
      3. Quantity of prescribe medicines shall correspond with the doctor’s prescription.
      4. The pharmacist shall be responsible for dispensing and documentation.
      5. Patient / Companion shall sign the pharmacy slip provided at pharmacy staff shall inform the physician for possible alternative.
      6. List of available medicine shall provided daily every physician who holds clinic at CNK
      7. List of available medicine shall be provided daily every physician who holds clinic at CNK
      8. Antihypertensive medicine for emergency cases shall be dispersed to authorized CNK physician / nursing staff.
      9. Request by physician shall be accompanied in written form.
      10. There shall be weekly / monthly inventory of stocks.
      11. A summary report of all medicines issued shall be submitted.
  • TRANSFER OF PATIENT (Ambulance Conduction)
    1. Statement of the PolicyThis is issued to ensure that an effective and efficient patient’s transfer problem is implemented.
    2. Policy Guidelines
      1. Patient who sought consultation but requisite to hospital management shall be immediately transferred.
      2. Mode of transfer shall be thru transport vehicle or thru UNTV ambulance
      3. Ambulance conduction is free of any charge.
      4. Trip ticket shall be accomplished.
      5. Ambulance conductor shall report all conductions. (Itinerary Report)
      6. Patients for transfer shall be priorities accordingly.
    1. Statement of the PolicyThis is being issued to ensure safe food preparation and effective distribution.
    2. Policy Guidelines
      1. All patients are entitled to AM Snack with beverage
      2. Dental patients shall be prioritized in food distribution.
      3. Patients on NPO shall be reminded until work up has been done
      4. Only food from CNK shall be distributed to patients.
      5. Authorized CNK staff shall distribute the AM Snack and beverage.

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