La Verdad Christian College to Educate Poor But Deserving Students

April 23rd, 2010

The hard reality that students face now is that the cost of pursuing their dreams is difficult because tertiary education is expensive.

Incoming AB Broadcasting sophomore Mark Juneil Bucao recollects his thoughts when high school graduation came upon him. His dilemma is whether he can join the next graduation rites he hoped for himself to attend – the one that happens in college. “I remember being really worried because we don’t have much money. I might not finish college,” Bucao said.

Today, Bucao no longer worries about not graduating from college due to financial reasons. Because he, together with more than 400 students who share his plight, are scholars by the Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc.’s (KFI) La Verdad Christian College.

Not only does this college offer free education, it also offers free books, uniforms, and even free food to its students.  This one-of-a-kind university offers two competitive courses: four-year AB Broadcasting and  two-year Nursing Assistant course.

The free college is the fruit of one of the many public service projects launched by international evangelist and television host, Bro. Eliseo Soriano, together with veteran broadcast journalist Daniel Razon. Both, being ardent supporters of KFI, views that scholarship opportunities should be offered to all, without discrimination over race, religion or sex.

For Razon, scholarship grants should not only be given or endowed to the intelligent ones or those who already have the resources to comply with all the requirements of the educational system.  He said university scholarships shouldn’t stop at letting students in the schools. The reality, he said, is that intelligence alone – the basis for acquiring the scholarship in the first place – cannot pay for projects, other educational necessities and even the basic food and transportation.

“Scholars have grade point averages to maintain. How can they maintain their grades if they can’t submit projects because they don’t have money? If they can’t go to school because they can’t pay for commuting costs? If they don’t have food in their stomachs to make them function well? The reality is that there are those who want to study but cannot afford to do so, “ Daniel Razon stated.

And so intelligence is not enough to get an education – and for Razon, it shouldn’t be the only important factor to consider as well.  “Why don’t we give the average students a chance as well? For as long as we can see the potential, willingness to learn,  sincerity and perseverance, we should support them.”

The La Veradad College – a symbol of hope for poor but deserving students – is one of the flagship projects of the two philanthropists, Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel. This public service endeavor showcases their vision of a solid education in its Pampanga school grounds – and in the near future, in its second branch located in Manila.

“This project gave me hope,” Bucao says with a small smile. “I’m very fortunate to be part of this program.  As Bro. Eli once said, the youth can do more if they are well-educated.”


By : KFI News Service


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